How to get rid of wedding ring rash

how to get rid of wedding ring rash

A wedding is a kind of event many young ladies can hardly wait for. Being gifted a wedding ring which symbolized love and affection of her sweetheart a bride is ready to wear it all the time. And it’s a kind of tragedy to find you have ‘ring rash’ or ‘wedding ring rash’, the condition which arises if you constantly wear your ring.

Ring finger rash appears under the band of your ring and is clearly observed when you remove your ring. What is worse, rash on finger under the ring can come and go or remain chronic.

Wedding ring irritation is the problem deserving special commentaries. Can you imagine a newly-married couple not having wedding rings? Many brides would continue to torture themselves in spite of lots of medical warnings.

allergic reaction to wedding ring

The problem is that not cured properly, skin irritation under the wedding ring may turn to eczema under the wedding ring. Sounds awful! Wedding ring rash is not only itchy and unpleasant-looking, it’s shameful because some people may be prejudiced and say that such reaction to a wedding ring means your organism protests that marriage!

How to get rid of wedding ring rash?

Ring rash under your wedding ring is something many girls struggle with. Wedding ring rash can be caused by allergies, bacteria, or irritation from moisture and soap. The good news is although this problem is common it is curable!

First, analyze the material your ring is made of. If you believe you have gold rash, forget it. Gold and white-gold bands could not be allergic by themselves, but they have trace amounts of nickel in them, and you can develop an allergy to nickel at any point in your life.

wedding ring irritation

That means an allergic reaction to rings is not always found out immediately. When you first put it on your hand no ring allergy bothers you, but it may arise later on. Rhodium plating forms a barrier between your skin and the nickel in the ring. Using clear nail polish to the inside of the ring works as well, however, it will help for a while only… because nail polish tends to peel.

Second, soaps, lotions, and even dead skin can get stuck under your wedding band. That problem is easy to solve. Give your ring a good cleaning! Professional jewelers will often be able to clean your rings while preserving the settings and making sure the stones are protected.

how to get rid of wedding ring rash

Third, it’s important to follow hygiene rules to avoid rash under the wedding ring. Remove your ring when you wash your hands, choose a mild soap over soaps with a strong detergent or suds. Remember to protect and moisturize your skin.

Most importantly, if the rash under ring doesn’t go away, blisters, or gets worse in any way, it means not only allergic reaction to the wedding ring has developed, it means wedding ring rash cure is absolutely necessary. See a doctor or dermatologist right away.

Remember to keep your rings clean! It is an important way to keep you healthy and happy!

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