Wedding Website Tips: How to Write Your ‘About Us’ Section

wedding website our story examples

Lots of couples looking forward to their wedding ceremony wander in search of the idea to make their wedding site unique and make any viewer amazed at seeing their marvelous photos. Many wedding website ‘our story’ examples are available online. A fiancé and a fiancée could find not only ‘Our story’ wedding template, but also wedding love story examples and ‘how we met’ story examples to inspire them or at least to have an idea what to write or not to write about.

This idea of having ‘Our wedding story’ website sounds so exciting, and many young people would like their wedding story websites to be extraordinary and distinguished from the others so much, that they are ready to go deep diving through a multiplicity of ideas they could get on the Internet.

our story wedding website

What is the first thing to start when you would like to make your wedding story website? Surely, you need to understand how much you would like other people to learn about your love story and how you could share your deepest emotions with the guests of your website in the most attractive way.

Then you need to think what sections you will include into your wedding website. We think it is of primary importance to write ‘About Us’ section. High priority given to ‘about us’ wedding website section is easy to explain. That’s the way to keep your website visitors informed about what makes your couple and your knot story so different from others.

Wedding website ‘about us’ examples are numerous as well as wedding love story ideas but you risk to get lost, confused or even depressed because looking through all these wedding websites with ‘about us’ examples can be time-consuming and misleading. It’s better to use some tips on wedding story writing, to think of the most memorable moments and to present the world diversity, vitality and wealth of your relationship so vividly nobody else may imagine.

how to write our story for wedding website

Speaking frankly, writing about yourself can be a complex task to do, even awkward. Certainly, it’s rather easier to describe some venue directions and transport options. But when it concerns personal information you could get stuck. Sometimes it seems no valuable idea will come to your mind! But we know that writing ‘About Us’ section of your wedding website can be tricky. And we are ready to help how to write ‘our story for wedding’ website.

First, relax. It’s a tricky task but not impossible. Second, before rushing headlong into deep analysis and selection of the best wedding website ‘about us’ example think thoroughly if it’s what you need… do you need to copy some ideas or do you wish your story to be unique?

Undoubtedly, it’s worth writing your love story for wedding in the memorable way that will make other people sympathize with you, laugh at your jokes or move them to tears making them believe that the wedding ceremony is a logical culmination for your relationships… or the beginning only, who knows.

how we met stories for wedding website

Clearly, wedding story writers shall keep in mind that to make their wedding website ‘About Us’ story authentic and engaging, both of you shall be involved in the process. Not to be embarrassed with the final result when her ‘about us’ wedding website ideas, being so numerous, blow his mind, young people shall think of some mutual plan. Poor are also those wedding website ‘our story’ ideas where one person only tells the story of the couple. It could have a hardening effect. Even if one of you is not so gifted in writing something impressive but could only use some ready-made wedding website story examples, trust your partner and pretend it is your shared knot our story writing. It’s a powerful strategy, you know.

Anyway, creating your wedding website or discussing how to write your story for wedding website is an emotional occasion. Be careful while choosing what is the appropriate content. Some romantic story is really suitable for wedding website ‘about us’ section, but avoid intimate details not to turn red when your grandma reads it.

So, the main guideline to follow is to attempt to make your wedding website story unique and personal in order to encourage your guests to come back to some pages of your life and reread them, the feelings of excitement, openness and possibility arising.

how to write your love story for wedding

Once you’ve chosen a wedding website template that you love – what exactly do you fill it with? One good recommendation is not to overload your guests with hundreds of photos or unnecessary information. There shall be the border between just enough, and way too much.

Why write an ‘About Us’ story? Is it obligatory? Shall it come on the front page of our wedding website? There is no single answer. It’s for you both to choose only. You could inform your guests about some practical details only.

But, on the other hand, writing an ‘About Us’ story is the perfect way to add some personality into your wedding website, it’s also a great opportunity for your guests to have some insight into your relationship. Your guests will get excited about the big day to come when they learn something interesting about the roots of your path to that serious day.

What else, making an ‘About Us’ story is a good way to break the ice and allow your guests to learn a little more about who you are.  If some people have lived together for a while or have been dating for years wedding website stories could be quite useful to remind the story of theirs to those who may have forgotten it or, maybe, have never heard of it.

how to write our story on wedding website

First, choose Your ‘About Us’ story format if you do not know what to start with. Although the wedding ‘our story’ ideas are inspiring by themselves, the process of implementing may turn to be complex and overwhelming. Think twice before you start searching for some wedding website ‘how we met’ example. There could be many other couples aimed at doing the same.

Be careful not to copy everything word to word in order not to be ashamed afterward! ‘About us’ wedding website examples could give you some prompt nevertheless. Or may make you choose some variant that touches your mind and soul.

Remember to keep your ‘About Us’ story short, sweet and readable. Too many words or paragraphs make the readers lost and uninterested. Recall some funny and unique moments that have defined who you are as a couple. ‘How we met’ wedding stories are rather popular nowadays, to be fashionable and contemporary keep it in mind! You could describe your first date or other memorable moments. You are the one.

Thus, demonstrate you share interests, hobbies, and activities, have lots of travel experiences and funny memories. Some milestone moments like moving in together, buying your first home, bringing a homeless kitten may identify you as an eligible match.

wedding website about us examples

Your proposal story is another thing worth to be discussed. It’s not only some background information before the big day, it’s another way to show how deep your romantic feelings are and how much you value all the preceding moments as well as your mutual plans for the future.

A good tip is to keep your ‘About Us’ section light and warm-hearted. A bit of playfulness and humor can also be a great way to engage with your guests. You can write your story together as a couple, or even rely on your own versions to show two different points of view.

Let it be a conversation with your reader as you address them personally. Every ‘our story’ wedding website contains some references to your relationship, not a biography from your date of birth through to your education and employment history! Your story, first of all, could show that you are the person you are nowadays thanks to your partner’s support. Even great jokes may sound offensive, therefore, do not cross the borders! Do not confuse or mislead your readers!

wedding website our story examples

Use your inspiration and fantasy to include your favorite moments in the history of your relations to let all your friends and relatives know that by the moment the big day comes you are the couple whose love naturally results in making a family.

The possibilities of the knot wedding stories and wedding website ‘about us’ ideas (including engagement story, mutual interests, and personality traits) are endless, but below are some examples for you to get started! Although there are no strict wording rules or templates to follow, you may use the following tips as a helpful guideline as you begin pulling your ‘About Us’ story together. Take some inspiration from the following ‘About Us’ wording examples to see how this looks in reality:

wedding story examples
  • Our love story began in Berlin in far 2009. Jack was a regular customer at Little Peach Cafe, where Sally served up his morning cappuccino. Some flirt comments did not have any results for weeks… But when Jack was transferred to another office and had to take two extra train stops every day for his morning brew both of them caught it was not in vain. He finally risked confessing in his feelings, and after discovering a mutual love of travel, design and late-night karaoke bars, the rest is history!
  • Kurt and Jemima first crossed paths during a competitive game of trivia at the local tavern. After some cheeky back and forth banter, telephone numbers were exchanged. The feelings were so strong that the first date was soon to come – the next day!  It was only 4 weeks later that Jemima packed her belongings and moved in with Kurt, and their whirlwind romance started. 5 years later, when they have already bought their very first cute and cozy home, and brought 2 mischievous puppies to their place, the crucial moment came. After traveling through at least half the world together, Kurt finally popped the question – and Jemima said yes! We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!
  • It was 2013 when Katie and Tyler’s love story first began, just 2 single twenty-somethings who happened to swipe right on Tinder. Common interests like red wine, travel, and cheesy rom-com brought them together. Described by their friends and family as “two peas in a pod”, Katie and Tyler now spend their weekends living by the beach, surfing (or in Katie’s case, trying to), walking their pups and renovating their very first home. An epic year travel in a van around Australia was the final note in their pre-marriage preparations. After 4 years of engagement, the time is right for us to officially tie the knot, and we couldn’t be more excited.
wedding website about us examples

To sum up, once you’ve finished writing your ‘About Us’ story, you could involve a friend or a family member in the process. Ask them to read all this with a fresh mind and give you some feedback. Maybe, they could give you some valuable piece of advice what to change to make your wedding story ‘About us’ stand out among other ‘About Us’ stories. You know, the best About Us stories, as a rule, make an ideal balance of romantic content and fun. Creativity and imagination will help you find some golden middle.

Although the concept of writing your ‘About Us’ story may seem very complex at the first sight, it’s worth trying at least in order to keep in mind these wonderful moments spent together during the days before your wedding ceremony. Not to mention, a special way to reflect on your relationship journey so far. So, keep these tips in mind and have a lot of fun throughout the process and afterward!

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