Wedding Website Welcome Message

wedding website welcome message

The day which may seem to be the most important in many girls’ lives is going to come. That is the day of their wedding ceremony. Shouldn’t everyone know about this great event, first, and about a fiancé and a fiancée carefully prepared for it? Yes, certainly. What is the best way in our digital epoch to let others know what changes are coming? Of course, that is ‘Welcome to our wedding’ website.

Wedding websites and their purpose

Wedding websites are designed especially for wedding events and adapted to their unique style. They carry out multiple functions, including organizational to aesthetic ones. Although making a wedding website is usually not the top problem of the couple it’s worth being remembered. You know, the wedding site is the best way to organize the event, notify guests about all the peculiarities and let all friends and family know about it!

wedding website welcome messages

Modern wedding websites are beautiful and unique! Exciting and inspiring! And to make your own wedding website you do not need to be an IT specialist or web-designer because lots of website builders and tools are available free. It is absolutely true that a wedding website is the most modern, pleasant and effective way to make this day the best day of your life!

When the couple comes to realize this simple but exciting and amazing idea they shouldn’t get worried about the proper way to start. They should start with something they consider to be a high priority.

Absolutely for sure, every wedding website visitor will expect to find some wedding website intro which will help them to learn some details about the couple and get some navigation prompts, and could also include or link to welcome message for wedding guests.

wedding website wording

The Purpose of a Welcome Message

Welcome message for wedding websites is a kind of invitation to explore the website, and it’s a sort of a virtual way to make wedding website greeting so likable and cute that any person would like to go further (doesn’t matter if he/she is personally acquainted with you or your relatives or not, or they just look through your wedding welcome message out of curiosity, or they are looking for some noble and worthwhile idea to greet their own guests using some wedding website introduction examples available online).

A lot of tips what to write on your wedding website and wedding website intro examples are easily available online, but wedding website welcome page requires special attention because that’s what makes the first impression and inspires website visitors to research what the history of your relationships is, what your expectations for the future life are and how deep your love is. 

welcome message for wedding websites

If you’re not a confident writer, filling out various sections of your wedding website can discourage you. What are the aspects particular attention shall be paid to?  Many couples would like to be sure that their wedding website text is easy to read and understand, that they cover the right information and the welcome message for the wedding website as well as other parts of it convey their individuality and their great excitement and romance.

Wedding website introduction wording shall be aimed at not only at welcoming your website visitors and prompting where they may find some necessary information, but it shall also be emotionally involving and inducing to further interaction.

A good strategy to find correct words is to look through some samples available, maybe, even write down several cards containing funny wedding website welcome messages or which type of them you like, correct rsvp reminders and some other useful and touchy phrases you could use.

welcome message for wedding website

Then just combine whatever you have and be creative! Be emotional but not nervous, sweet but not mawkish, open but not straightforward and intimate! Render your ideas logically but avoid too complex sentences! At least it’s your welcome message for a wedding, not your essay to pass the university finals!

Too much humor or unclear associations (understood by the future spouses only) could puzzle your guests. Remember to stick to the point. Being short and clear, your wedding website welcome message shall not contain any viral ads or verbose and wide-ranging conceptual digressions.

When it comes to formatting, you might want to include a playful slogan or tagline first, and then describe the key features of your wedding website that will assist your wedding website visitors in their preparations.

wedding website welcome message example

Writing the perfect welcome message for the wedding website the couple shall always keep its purpose in mind. When guests visit your wedding website, your welcome message is the very first thing they’ll read. Welcome note for the wedding is the way to greet your guests and tell them how significant that day is going to be.

Remember some guests have never experienced surfing a wedding website before. So, make the procedure of confirming their participation clear and send the couple all-important RSVP.

Your wedding website welcome message could be compared to the book cover. If you express your ideas clearly, make that cover look attractive, decorate it with some lovely photo you will inspire your potential readers to go on with reading.

wedding website welcome message examples

What to Include in your Welcome Message

What shall be included in the wedding website welcome messages? Some brief summary and introduction to your wedding website. While you don’t need to go into specific details, it’s an opportunity to quickly touch on the key features of your website and let guests know what to expect.

You are free to choose if to use any subtitles which will guide your guests and assist them to find some information they need immediately, or your welcome page will be subparagraphed text with some pictures.

What usually all wedding website welcome message contains is some tagline like ‘Jack and Jane are getting married soon!’, ‘Justin and Hailey are getting hitched! It’s finally happening!’, ‘John and Linda are tying the knot! We’re getting married!’, ‘Simon and Mary are getting married! Join us for our wedding!’; ‘It’s wedding time! Love, laughter and happiness everywhere! Boris and Miranda are saying I-do!’

wedding website examples wording

Then follow a greeting or welcome words, e.g.: ‘Welcome to our wedding website, we can’t wait to celebrate our Proud Day with you all’, ‘Welcome to our wedding website!’, ‘Welcome to our wedding website – we’re so glad you’re here’, ‘Hi there, thanks for stopping by!’, ‘Hi there, we’re so happy to have you here!’, ‘Hello and welcome!’, ‘Welcome to our wedding website – so glad you could make it!’

Then the couple, as a rule, describe the purpose of the wedding website and some specific features of it, they also provide some navigation tips and a reminder for any actionable elements like RSVPs or song requests. Surely, in the end, it’s necessary to sign off with a thank-you note.

Welcome message wording tips and examples contain some short and sweet phrases or sentences. A brief paragraph is quite enough to communicate everything you need. The language style and wording used should also be consistent with the other areas of your wedding website or your wedding invitations, whether that’s formal, informal or funny style. Everything shall fit and flow well with other elements showing your excitement, inspiration, and involvement.

sample wedding website welcome message

Wedding Website Welcome Message Examples

Here are some wedding website welcome message examples to inspire you.

‘Jack and Jane are getting hitched! We welcome you to our wedding website, and we can’t wait to celebrate that special day with you all. We hope that this website is going to be a convenient and interactive way to share all important details leading up to our wedding. ‘About us’ story, awesome bridal party, registry information – you have much to check out. So, have fun, take a look around and don’t forget to RSVP! We are really grateful for your support. We are so excited to share this day with you and look forward to dancing the night away with all of our favourite people!’

‘Kurt and Jemima are tying the knot! Welcome to our wedding website – we’re so glad you’re here. This website is a helpful resource for all of the need-to-know details in the lead up to our big day. Here you’ll find our schedule of timings and venue directions, along with our bridal party introductions and relationship history. Look around to learn more about our wedding day preparations. Remember  to RSVP and let us know about any nutrition preferences, too. And finally, thanks so much for all of your love and support so far! We can’t wait to celebrate this special day with all of our favourite people.’

wedding website welcome wording

‘It’s wedding time! Hi there, thanks for your love and support! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our upcoming wedding ceremony. Check out our schedule for the day, local accommodation options for those travelling, and learn more about our awesome bridal party and MC. Don’t forget to RSVP and leave us a song request for the dance floor, too! We are looking forward to celebrating this special day with you all. Lots of love, Josie and James.’

Some other phrases you may find to be useful are as follows:

With gratitude and happiness in our hearts, we welcome all our lovely guests! We thank you all for being here and celebrate that great day with us; we look forward to having marvelous time with you at the wedding day!

Your presence was greatly desired! I welcome you with the bottom of my heart to my wedding ceremony. Having you by my side at this auspicious day was necessary. Your presence will make my wedding day memorable and cheerful!

wedding website welcome message wording

It was necessary to have the presence and essence of all of you at such an auspicious occasion of my life! We welcome you all and hope you have a great time!

We welcome you to our marriage to be held on May, 1. We wish your presence along with your family for that wonderful and memorable event!

I wholeheartedly welcome you to our marriage. You have been with us all through, now it is the time to oblige us with your presence at our wedding and bless us!

Some wedding website welcome messages are written by parents or guardians, and it’s not bad taste because they show their love to their children and would also like to welcome the dearest guests. Here are some wedding website welcome message samples that could be used to make such ‘message of the day’:

wedding website welcome message wording

From the bottom of my heart we welcome you and your family with gratitude and invite you to attend the wedding of my daughter and bless the couple.

As the guardian of my son, I welcome you all, our dear guests, to be present at this wonderful wedding and shower your precious blessings on the newly weds.

To have a successful marriage life all your blessings and wishes are required; so, I being the father of the bride, I welcome you all to her wedding.

With all our heart, we welcome all the guests for their kind presence over the wedding ceremony of our beloved children. We feel lucky enough to be surrounded by your love! May you enjoy the celebrations with cheer and happiness. Welcome all!

wedding website introduction examples

Remember, your welcome message doesn’t have to be long and detailed. It’s simply an opportunity to help your guests make the most out of your website, so keep it short, sweet, clear and concise. Your perfect welcome message will get your guests excited about your upcoming celebration!

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